Frank Harry Mobley

Born 14 May 1870 in Cripple Creek, Teller Co., Colorado.   He was the oldest son of George Gale Mobley and Mary Francis Reed.

He married Ida Josephine Colvin (known as Jo) in 1893 and they had a son Harry Colvin Mobley in 1894. 

The 1901 Canadian census shows that he enterred Canada in 1893 and there is a newspaper article indicating that he was in Alberta near Edmonton in 1898 prior to going north.

In 1897 or 1898, he went to the Yukon for the gold rush but was not one of the lucky ones who made fabulous riches here.   He was “grub-staked” by a friend and went to Atlin, where another gold rush had started in 1898, and here he was successful, but more as a business man than a gold prospector.  He and a partner did buy some of the Guggenheim gold properties and establish Discovery Mining and Power.

Frank and Jo made a trip to Portland, Oregon in 1905 to attend the centennial celbration of the Lewis and Clark exposition in Portland, Oregon.

Fank continued his entrepreneurial spirit establishing a wholesale grocery operation in Prince Rupert, BC.  in partnership with DG Stewart, a man he knew in Atlin.   There is a picture in the Atlin collection of Stewarts store

In 1909, there was an exposition in Seattle Washington held to commemorate the Yukon gold rush ( the 10th anniversary but 2 years late due to other things happening ) - seems appropriate they would attend.   Their collection of postcards from this expo has been scanned and added to a webpage.

Prince Rupert grew as a result of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway which had it’s terminus there.   in 1910. Prince Rupert was incorporated and Frank was on the first municipal council for Prince Rupert,

Frank and Jo’s second child, a daughter Cecile Josephine Mobley, was born in Nov. 1910 but died in Jan. 1914, barely 3 years old.

At the end of 1915, Frank and Ida went on a trip to Florida.   The trip was not just a fun thing, as Frank had both hands operated on while they were in Albany New York, to rectify a condition where his fingers would not strainghten out.   The journal of that trip along with pictures and postcards collected on this trip are on this site.

Frank’s political career progressed from council man to provincial MLA when he was elected to represent the riding of Atlin in the provincial legislature, in 1916.

Around 1917, Frank and Jo adopted a daughter Jessie Maida Whitehouse and in 1919, a second son Francis Moys (aka Frank) was born in Prince Rupert.

Frank Harry Moley died in victoria in 1920 where he was attending the opening of the provincial legislature in his official capacity as MLA for Atlin.   He died before he was 50.

After his death, his wfe, Jo lived in Victoria and had a farm near Cumberland, BC

A collection of postcards sent to Frank, Jo and other relatives has been scanned and added to the webpages.

In the 1930’s, Frank’s youngest son (Francis Moys aka Frank) and adopted daughter (Jessie Maida Whitehouse )went on a round-the-world trip.   Some of the photos from this trip are available online on this site.


Frank Harry Mobley

Mobley’s general store in Atlin, BC

Ida Josephine Mobley with dog team in Atlin