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2008Jan29- Changed all round cornered rectangles into 1 large size jpg optimized and overlaid the links on the jpg.

2008Jan27- Reduced sizes of pictures and flags to minimize page load time

2008Jan03- Changes to the home page to overcome small target areas on the lot of the links

2008Jan02- Revised Credits, updated Kamloops, Sunnybrae, US Stories and FH Mobley to new standard (1000 pixels wide)

2007Dec28- Experiment with map and family tree

2007Dec23-Added Boswotth famly material and activated Bosworth family link on welcome page

2007Dec20- fixed several problems related to apostrophes.  Updated John Chester Mobley in the Civil War and Nebraska Clippings to the new standard - no new content

2007Dec18-Added Ohio Mobleys section with clippings, photos, documents and stories sections

2007Dec15-Fixed capitalizaton on Armstrong family.  Applied navigation standard to FHM documents and Frank/Ida’s trip to Florida

2007Dec11- added George Gale Mobley material to Colorado, added historical panoramic pictures of Colorado to Coloado Mobleys section.   Some other minor cleanups.   Added John Chester Mobley documents into the Colorado section.  Updated Con’s notes on George Gale Mobley in the Civil War Section.

2007Dec07 - Added John Chester Mobley material to the Civil War section.   Added Armstrong and Moys families to the Allied families secton (Moys already existed, but linked it to content - created an Armstrong ‘box’ and linked it to content )

2007Dec06 - Started the Civil War section by moving all Seth P Mobley material in the Civil War tp this section

2007Dec03- Implemented new welcome page and more Seth P Mobley stuff from Con re Seth and Civil War

2007Dec02-Put 23 newspaper articles about Seth P Mobley on the website

2007Nov28 - Added a new Documents section to FH Mobley - currently has 1901 and 1911 Canadian Census pages.   Modified the Welcome FHM page to include links to these documents

2007Nov27 - changed the navigation on the Trip to Florida journal

2007Nov20 approx - completed the Frank and Ida trip to Florida journal

2007Nov14- updated site map to include all the new Welcome and clippings pages.  Added more to the Frank / Ida (Jo) trip to Florida pages ( up to day 38 now ).   Added about 35 postcards to the pages

2007Nov12- added more Lacombe and Kamloops photos.   Added new Vancouver and Scotland/England sections

2007Nov08- new home page - split functions of original home page across 5 pages - made it less cluttered

2007Nov04- added clippngs and stories section

2007Oct31- added new photo section to the Sunnybrae Mobleys.   Photos and annotation provided by COn Mobley

2007Oct29- Added a site map ( in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page

2007Oct24-Copied some of the newest photos to their appropriate section eg Atlin, Prince Rupert, Farm People and Victoria.  CHanged sections identified with a yellow circle

2007Oct22- Added the newest photos section to the FH Mobley section

2007Oct08 - added Con’s detailed list of people as an attachment to the Mobley69 photo in Sunnybrae Mobleys.   This is the first family Xmas in BC photo

2007Sep15 - Added articles on John Chester Mobley to the Kiowa page

2007Sep08 - added the genealogy back in, with 3 separate entry points - John Mobberly Sr, George Gale Mobley, and Francis Harry Mobley.   Genealogy updated to show all of Conrad’s Family Record Sheet data

2007Sep07 - added the Sunnybrae, Kamloops, Lacombe, Cheney, Colfax, Kiowa, and Grand Island pictures from Con Mobley.   Added his index to each page for further explanation of the pictures

2007Sep05 - added the Victoria, world tour with Frank and Jessie and the Yukon shows

2007Sep04 - added the Minto Rd farm pictures as two separate pages - people and scenes.  Some additions to genealogy re Robert Dunn/Coral Mobley

2007Sep02 - added Prince Rupert pictures and where is Prince Rupert page

2007Aug29 - Fixed problems with uploading - stop publishing / republish with new authorities.  This changed the address of the upload links, so changed them on web pages

2007Aug28 - Original