Photo No.



Denny 02

about 1917

Left to right, Dorothy, Robert (Bob) Annie Katherine, Marcel, Evelyn Denny. I believe this picture may have been in Victoria.

Denny 33


Henry Christie Denny, age 61. photo taken in Vancouver, B.C.

Denny 40

about 1928

Can not Identify boy on left, Evelyn Denny, about age 13 and Ken Mobley about age 5

Denny 41


Grace Ann Hoffert (Denny) and Melcher (Mel) John Hoffert. Not sure when this was taken, but it was done at Yocho Chow Studio in Vancouver, B.C. This may have been when they got married as I have found no wedding pictures as yet.

Denny 42


Ken Mobley, oldest son of John and Dorothy Mobley, John Northey, son of Evelyn and Archie Northey and their daughter, Denise. Picture taken in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Denny 43


Marcel Wilfred (Marc) Denny, age 16 3rd. son of Henry C. And Kitty Denny. Vancouver

Denny 44


Evelyn Denny. Vancouver

Denny 45

14 Jun.1943

Warren and James Denny, two of the sons of Marcel and Mildred Denny. Picture taken on Granville St., Vancouver

Denny 46


Evelyn Northey (Denny) and John. Picture taken on Granville St., Vancouver

Denny 47


Mildred Denny, Marcel (3rd. son of Henry C. Denny and Annie Katherine McGowan) with their two oldest sons, Warren and James Denny

Denny 48

about 1917

Cecil, oldest son of Henry and Kitty Denny and Evelyn, 3rd. daughter

Denny 49


Evelyn and Grace Denny

Denny 50


Evelyn Northey (Denny) in front of the Parliament Building, Victoria, B.C.