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Mobley 68


Managers Residence, Kualt, B.C. very near Tappen and Sunnybrae, Kualt was the mill site of Columbia River Lumber Co. The mill burned down in 1913. George Gale was hired to dispose of any of the remaining assets. He was give residence until his contract was finished.

From left to right : Anne Laidlaw Mobley, Margaret Anne Elizabeth, holding her hand, Victor Laidlaw Mobley, G.G. Mobley

Mobley 69

Dec 1914

Dec.25th. 1914 G.G. Mobley and part of his family.

Photo taken on the front steps of the Managers residence of Columbia River Lumber Co. at Kualt , B.C.


1st. row from left to right

Anne Laura Mobley                   age 9        2nd. child of Charles & Laura Mobley

Howard Irvine Mobley                age 7        3rd. child of Charles & Laura Mobley

Eva May Mobley                       age 6        3rd. child of George Francis & Viola Mobley

Doris Marie Mobley                   age 6        4th. child of Charles & Laura Mobley

Francis Adelia Mobley               age 2         4th. child of George Francis & Viola Mobley

Jackson girl*                            age 2         No further info

Margaret Anne Elizabeth Mobley age 4         3rd. child of G. G. & Anne Laidlaw Mobley

Vella Irene Mobley                     age 4        5th. child of Charles & Laura Mobley 





2nd. row from left to right       

Clarence Simpson Mobley      age 13            1st. child of George Francis & Viola Mobley

Victor Laidlaw Mobley            age 13            2nd. child of G. G. & Anne Laidlaw Mobley

Myrtle Eliza Mobley               age 11           2nd. child of George Francis & Viola Mobley

Jackson girl* (Janie?)             age 11            No further info

Gertrude May Mobley             age 10           1st. child of Charles & Laura Mobley


3rd. row from left to right

Eliza Jane (Melvin) Jackson    age 54           Viola Jackson’s mother

Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie)   age 47           Mrs. G.G. Mobley

Laura May Mobley (Veach)       age 32           Mrs. Charles William Mobley holding,

William Charles Mobley            age 4 mns     6th. Child of Charles & Laura Mobley


4th. Row left to right

John Fernie Mobley                 age 14          1st. child of G. G. & Anne Laidlaw Mobley

George Gale Mobley                age 67          3rd. child of John Brice Mobley Sr.


5th. Row left to right

Violet Omette (Viola) Mobley (Jackson)  age 31  Mrs. George Francis Mobley holding,

Pauline Christine Mobley          age 5 ½ mns  5th. child of George Francis & Viola Mobley

Lizzie McNaughton                  age?        I have reason to believe she is the care giver for Margaret Mobley.

Charles William Mobley            age 30      6th. Child of G. G. Mobley & Mary Francis Reed

George Francis Mobley             age 41      4th. Child of G. G. Mobley & Mary Francis Reed


The original names I was given for Viola and Eliza where incorrect. They where from my mother’s memory so I guess she never knew what their full birth names where.

Joseph Levi and Eliza Jane Jackson had 5 more children after they moved to the Tinchebray area of Battle River, Near Galahad, Alberta. I have not been able to find the names of these children. I believe these two girls in the photo are siblings of Viola and are two of the four children listed that never survived to adult hood.

I believe Eliza and her two daughters are in this picture because they where visiting for Christmas from their home in Alberta. I have found no records of them living in BC.


Mobley 70

about 1915

John Fernie Mobley and Victor Laidlaw Mobley

Mobley 71

about 1918

Francis Harry and GG. Mobley on the porch of George’s farm house on Mobley Road.

G.G., Anne, Victor , Margaret  and my father lived in a small building at the back of Charley Mobleys house until my father John Fernie and GG built this house on the 17 acre farm about a mile from Charleys. G.G. had most of the property in orchard.

Mobley 72


The sons of George Gale Mobley and Mary Francis Reed. From left to right:

Name unknown, this man show up in some other pictures with Frank Charles William Mobley, Francis  Harry Mobley, George Francis Mobley, name unknown.

Mobley 73

about 1914

Hildagard Alaska Mobley, oldest child of G.G. Mobley and Mary Francis Reed and Charles William Mobley, youngest child of G.G. Mobley and Mary Francis Reed

Mobley 74


Charley Mobley and his companion.

Mobley 75


Charley and Laura Mobley

Mobley 76

about 1940

Bill (William Charles), Laura and Major Charles Mobley

Mobley 77


about 1939

Cyrene Adelia (Lena) Mobley 1st. child of G.G. Mobley and Mary Francis Reed. Age 70

She married 3 times: 1st. Mr. Spencer, father of Charles Spencer) 2nd. Mr. Thacker; 3rd. Dr. Troughton. I was told Mr. Thacker was a professional gambler.

Mr. Spencer was a Sheriff near Portland, Oregon, was shot and died of bullet wounds from a horse thief.

Mobley 78


I am uncertain if this is a picture of a younger Lena or of her and Frank’s younger sister Hildegard Alaska Mobley. If it is, she also was married 3 times: 1st. husband is unknown; 2nd. husband is unknown; 3rd. husband, Henry G. Richards.

Mobley 79


Doris Marie Mobley, 3rd. daughter of Charles and Laura.

Mobley 80


Family reunion at Charlie Mobley’s old home, Sunnybrae.

Mobley 81


Family gathering out the back of Charlie and Laura’s house, Sunnybrae.

Mobley 82


Not used

Mobley 83


Clip of GG from picture 71.

Mobley 93

10 Oct.1916

Victor Laidlaw Mobley, youngest son of G.G. and Anne Laidlaw Mobley. Description on folder reads:  To Frank from Victor L. Mobley Pvt. A Coy. 131 Batt. 688287 Vernon, B.C.

10 Oct 1916

Mobley 94

about 1924

John Fernie Mobley, Asthore Dorothy Mobley (Denny)

Mobley 95


Harry Colvin Mobley, Charles Spencer, I don’t know who the infant is.

Mobley 96

30 Aug.1930

Marriage of Hugh Deareen Veach to Margaret Anne Elizabeth Mobley, youngest daughter of G.G. Mobley and Anne Fernie Mobley. Picture taken on the steps of G.G. Mobleys


Mobley 97


Charles and Laura Mobley with part of their family. The two boys I believe are Howard and Bill, the girl standing I think is Gertrude, the three young girls, I think are Anne, Doris and Vella. I think Charley is holding Vella. The lady beside Laura may be one of Charlies sisters, Hilda, Lucy  or Cyrene.

Mobley 98


Frank H. and I think one of his sisters, Hilda, Lucy or Cyrene.

Mobley 99


Frank H. and Laura Mobley. Uncertain who the little girl is. In the background on the porch

Is Anne Laidlaw. Notice they haven’t added the steps to the porch yet.

Mobley 100


The only ones I can Identify is Frank H., Ida and I think the Stewarts, Franks partner.

Mobley 101


I think this is Laura Mobley (Veach) and maybe her father, William Postun Veach. Do not know who the girl is.

Mobley 102


Map of the Sunnybrae, Salmon Arm Shuswap area.

Mobley 103

about 1940

Bill Mobley (William Charles)