Photo No.



Mobley 105


Can not Identify the lady on the left, but written on the photo: Maida, Phyllis , The rest unreadable but it looks to me, Ida Holding Francis Moys, and George Gale on the  right.

Mobley 106


Amy Burns & John Fernie (Jack) Mobley. No sure when or where this photo was taken.

Mobley 107


Gertie Mobley and the livestock.

Mobley 108


Gertie Mobley  (Mrs. James Henry Ferrell)

Mobley 109



Mobley 110

About 1917

G.G.s house. From left to right: Anne Laidlaw, Margaret, Victor and George Gale Mobley.

Notice the front stairs still havent been installed.

Mobley 111


Hildegard and (Mrs. Richards) and my father, John (Jack) Mobley

Mobley 112


The Managers Residence at Kault, B. C.

Mobley 113


Gertie and Jack Mobley

Mobley 114


Nelson Winegarten and Phyllis Troughton, Cyrena Adelia Mobley’s daughter.

Nelson lived at Powell River ,B.C. for many years

Mobley 115



Mobley 116


Hildegard Richards and Margret Anne Elizabeth, youngest daughter of G.G. and Anne Mobley

Mobley 117



Mobley 118


The Sunnybrae Hockey Team, From the left, Bob Reilly, Jack Mobley and on the right, L. Lees

Mobley 119


Gertie Mobley, I think on Old George, can not identify the other girl.

Mobley 120


Mildred Carlin

Mobley 121


Viola Gardiner

Mobley 122


Winnie Dicker, or Dicken, Nora Good (Names are hard to read on original)

Mobley 123


Carlin Hockey Team, H. Myers,  Jim Farrell,  Dick Farrell

Mobley 124


Jack Mobley, May Reilly, Gertie Mobley, other male unidentified. This photo may have been taken at Tappen or Carlin as they are standing on the railway tracks.

Mobley 125


Dorothy Mobley (Denny) my mother and Sol Raby, friends and neighbors of the Mobley clan. I believe their farm was at Carlin.

Mobley 126


Ethel and Herman Myers with daughter Evelyn. Friends and neighbors of the Mobley clan

Mobley 127


George Myers, Viola Gardiner holding Evelyn Denny

Mobley 128


Louie Myers holding Margery and Evelyn Denny my mothers youngest sister

Mobley 129


G.G. Mobley and his family:

Back row from left to right;

Viola Mobley holding Pauline, George Francis Mobley, Jack  and Clarence Mobley holding the dog, Mrs. G.G. Mobley, Charlie and Laura holding Hazel, Lizzie McNaughton.

Front row from left to right;

Francis, Gertrude, Vella, Myrtle, G.G. holding William Charles and Margaret, Eva, Annie, Howard and Doris Mobley.

I believe this picture may be at Charlie Mobleys home.

Mobley 130


The Raby family farm at Carlin. Was later owned by Trenholms and Needhams

Mobley 131


View of Carlin from the Raby farm.

Mobley 132


Clara Rabid (Mrs. Mikelson)

Mobley 133


Gertie Mobley

Mobley 134


Gertie Mobley and calf

Mobley 135


Jack Mobley with the family dog

Mobley 136


Bert and Lily Ferrell

Mobley 137


Can not identify these two.

Mobley 138


Ethel Gardener and Jack Mobley

Mobley 139


George Raby and Mrs. Raby

Mobley 140


Jack Mobley and Charles Spencer at G.G. ‘s house.

Mobley 141


Charles Spencer

Mobley 142


Viola Gardner

Mobley 143


Florence Farrell, can not identify the man.

Mobley 144


Gertie Mobley, can not identify the other girl.

Mobley 145


Florence Farrell and some of her siblings?

Mobley 146


From left to right; Nelson Winegarten, unknown, Jack Mobley, unknown, Louise Winegarten. Nelson was my fathers best friend for many years.

Mobley 147


Dorothy Boyd ( Mrs. C. Stephens)

Mobley 148


Gertie, Jack and Howard Mobley.

Mobley 149


Gertie Mobley and Nelson Winegarten

Mobley 150


Jack Mobley and Nelson Winegarten

Mobley 151


Gertie, Nelson Winegarten holding Nina Mobley, Jack Mobley

Mobley 152


Gertie, Nelson Winegarten holding Nina Mobley, Jack Mobley

Mobley 153

Fall 1921

Asthore Dorothy Denny

Mobley 154

Fall 1921

Asthore Dorothy Denny and Jack Mobley

Mobley 155

Fall 1921

Jack Mobley

Mobley 156

Fall 1921

Asthore Dorothy Denny and Jack Mobley

Mobley 157


Nelson Winegarten with G.G.s horse Old George It looks almost like he is pulling a stone boat.

Mobley 158


Gertie Mobley, Dorothy Mobley (Denny) and Anne Laura Mobley

Mobley 159


Gertie Mobley

Mobley 160


Gertie Mobley

Mobley 161


Gertie Mobley, Nelson Winegarten, Jack and Dorothy Denny with her arm around, Janie

( I have reason to believe she may be one of the Jackson girls: 2 from right, 2nd. row of the 1914 Christmas Picture)  and Anne Laura Mobley

Mobley 162


Anne Laura Mobley and Dorothy Denny, Gertie Mobley and Nelson Winegarten, Janie and I can not identify the other man.

Mobley 163


Anne Laura, Nelson Winegarten and Gertie Mobley

Mobley 164


Sow and her piglets at the farm. Not sure if this is at G.G.s or Charles farm.

Mobley 165


Geese at the farm

Mobley 166


Gertie, Dorothy and Anne Mobley

Mobley 167


View looking across the lake at Sicamous and Salmon Arm from George Gale Mobleys farm.

Mobley 168


Hildegarde Alaska (Hilda) Mobley beside G.G.s house

Mobley 169


John and Connie (Constance) Mobley 3rd. child of John and Dorothy. The family was still living at George Gale’s farm after he died. Anne Laidlaw Mobley kept the farm till about 1937/38 and then sold and moved to a small house on Nicola St. in Kamloops directly across the street from my parent’s home. Connie died in 1932

Mobley 170


I think this is Dorothy Mobley?

Mobley 171


Margaret Anne Elizabeth Mobley. Youngest of G.G.s children.

Mobley 172


These look like the cabins Charlie Mobley built on his property. I dimly remember my parents and I staying in a log cabin at Charlie’s many years ago.

Mobley 173


I think this is Gertie Mobley?

Mobley 174


Marcel John Kenneth (Ken) Mobley and  Marguerite Audrey  (Audrey ) Lenore Mobley

beside G.G.s house. Oldest son and daughter of John and Dorothy.

Mobley 175


Phyllis Troughton, only daughter of Cyrena Adelia Mobley and Dr. Troughton, her 3rd. husband. He was a Surgeon on CPR liner, Empress of Japan. I have been unable to determine if it was the Empress I Or II.

Mobley 176

Winter 1923

Dorothy Mobley with Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, 3  or 4 months old.

Mobley 177


Nelson Winegarten. Nelson was a close friend of my fathers for many years and was sweet on Gertie Mobley for some time.

Mobley 178


Part of Viola Jacksons family. Written on the edge of this post card; This was taken this winter. April some time near the first.

Back row Boys from left to right.

Lee Jackson- Clarence M.- Harvey Essington

Front row Girls from left to right.

Mrs. Harveys sister, the one that died- our  ? (unreadable) teacher- Margaret Bryden-

Irene Jackson.

Mobley 179


Lady on the left I cant identify, middle, Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie) Mrs. G.G. Mobley, right, Laura May Mobley (Veach) Mrs. Charles William Mobley

Mobley 180


Hugh Deareen Veach holding Ken Mobley and Margaret Anne Elizabeth Mobley at the farm.

Mobley 181


I believe this is Elizabeth (Lizzie) McNaughton. She was reported to have come to Canada from Scotland to care for Margaret Mobley on a 5 year contract. She would have been living with the G.G. family

Mobley 182

Winter 1923

Dorothy Mobley with Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, 4 months old.

Mobley 183


John and Dorothy Mobley with Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, 4 months old.