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Lacombe, Alberta

Mobley 50

23 Aug.1909

George Gale Mobley and his second family in Lacombe, Alberta. Left to right George Gale Mobley, age 62; John Fernie Mobley, age 9; Victor Laidlaw Mobley, age 7 ½: Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie) age 42. Photo taken in the studio of John Scales, Lacombe

Mobley 51

about 1902

GG. Mobley about age 55

Mobley 52

about 1910

Anne Laidlaw Mobley’ Millinery and Dry Goods shop in downtown Lacombe.

Mobley 53


Anne Laidlaw Mobley in her Millinery and Dry Goods shop in downtown Lacombe.

Mobley 54


Myrtle Eliza Mobley, first daughter of George Francis Mobley and Viola Clara Jackson. They where married in Lacombe, 18 Nov.1900. Myrtle was born there 14.Dec. 1903

Photo taken in the studio B.S. Cameron, Lacombe, Alberta

Mobley 200


Janet Sanderson Fernie (Weir) wife of Reverend, my great grand parents John Fernie with my father John Fernie Mobley. My father would have been not 3 years old yet as he was born in 1900. The death date given on the photo is Dec. 8, 1803. Lacombe, Alberta

Photo was taken by W. H. Hanna, Lacombe.

Mobley 202


Revered John Fernie, father of Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie) and friends. I believe this photo may have been taken in Lacombe, Alberta