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Kamloops, b.c.

Mobley 84


Marriage of John Fernie  Mobley and Asthore  Dorothy Denny at the home of her parents on St. Paul St. Front from left to right: Evelyn Denny, Grace Denny;  middle row name unknown, Dorothy, her friend Connie Collett; back row John Fernie, Charles Spencer, her father, Henry Christie Denny.

Mobley 85


Charles Spencer. Son of Cyrene Adelia (Lena) Mobley Photo taken at Russell Photo Studio, Winnipeg

Mobley 86


Charles Spencer.

Mobley 87


Charles Spencer.

Mobley 88


Conrad Mobley, youngest son of John Fernie and Dorothy Mobley, ready for the May Day parade.

Mobley 89


Marcel John Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, oldest son of John Fernie and Dorothy Mobley. Age 84. Robert Henry Conrad (Con) Mobley age 70.

Denny 01

about 1916

Evelyn Denny, 3d. daughter of Henry Christie and Anne Katherine (Kitty) Denny (McGowan)

Denny 02

about 1917

Left to right, Dorothy, Robert (Bob) Annie Katherine, Marcel, Evelyn Denny. I believe this picture may have been in Victoria.

Denny 03

about 1917

Evelyn Denny, 2nd. daughter of Henry and Kitty Denny

Denny 04

about 1918

Lower Knouff Lake. When Cecile Denny, my mother’s oldest brother was about 15 he became an avid photographer. The following series of photos are by him in and around Kamloops and area.

Denny 05

about 1918

Lower Knouff Lake

Denny 06

about 1918

Lower Knouff Lake

Denny 07

about 1918

Lower Knouff Lake

Denny 08


Cecile Denny the older brother of Dorothy Mobley (Denny) with his camera captured the first seaplane to land in Kamloops. This aircraft was one of 12 that were turned over to Canada by the U.S. Navy after the end of WWI. It was assigned the Canadian call letters G-CYBA.

Denny 09


This aircraft was a Curtiss HS-2L flying boat built in 1918 by the Glen Curtiss Co. in the U.S. This aircraft was piloted from Jericho Beach Air Station in Vancouver by Major C. McLaurin. He was on a survey of the Kamloops area for suitable airfield locations.

Denny 10


Speciation’s of the HS-2L: Wingspan- 74 feet, Length- 38’-6”, Engine- 400 hp Liberty inline (same as used in the famous Curtiss Jenny), Top speed- 91 m.p.h. Ceiling- approx. 12,000 feet

Denny 11

May Day 1921

Physical display at Riverside Park, Kamloops. Photo taken by Cecil Denny

Denny 12


Evelyn Denny 2nd.  daughter of Henry C. and Kitty Denny, Grace Denny, 3rd. daughter and Marion Boyd. In the yard of the house on St. Paul St.

Denny 13


Grace Ann Denny. Picture taken at their home on St. Paul St.

Denny 14


The Denny children, left to right , back row, Robert Denny, Evelyn Denny, Marcel Denny, Gracie Denny seated in front of him. I can not identify the other children.

Denny 15


The only two I can identify here are Evelyn Denny at the top  left and Grace Denny, bottom middle.

Denny 16


Grace Denny, other child unknown

Denny 17


Annie Katherine (Kitty) Denny (McGowan) youngest daughter of James McGowan and Louise Theresa Wasp of Scotland and Henry Christie Denny , 3rd. son of Henry and Sarah Denny of England, holding their youngest daughter, Grace Ann Denny. Picture taken at their home on St. Paul St. The building in the background was the first high school in Kamloops and is where I started my Jr. High School years. The building is gone now (2007)

Denny 18

16 Aug.1922

Flower girls, left, Evelyn Denny, Marion Boyd

Denny 19

16 Aug.1922

Flower girls, left, Marion Boyd, Evelyn Denny younger sister of Dorothy

Denny 20

16 Aug.1922

Flower girls, left, Evelyn Denny, Marion Boyd

Denny 21

16 Aug.1922

The bride and her brides’ maids, Gertie Mobley, Dorothy Mobley, Connie Collett.

Denny 22

16 Aug.1922

Flower girls, left, Evelyn Denny, Marion Boyd

Denny 23

16 Aug.1922

Wedding party of John (Jack) Fernie Mobley, back row left to right:

Jack Mobley, groom, Charles Spencer, best man, Henry Christie Denny, father of the bride, middle row; Gertie Mobley, brides maid, Dorothy Mobley (Denny) the bride, Connie Collett, brides maid, front; Evelyn Denny and Marion Boyd, flowers girls.

Denny 24

16 Aug.1922

Same as above

Denny 25

16 Aug.1922

Among the numerous guests and friends were the following: Mrs. G. G. Mobley and daughter Margaret, Chas. Mobley and daughter Gertrude, all of Tappen: Mrs. Collett and daughters Constance and Mamie; Mrs. C. Davidson and daughter Jean, of Coquitlam: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kerr, Mrs. Woodburn, Mrs. Harris, of Penticton, Mrs. Marten, Mrs. W. Summers, Mr. Jones , Mr. Leithch, Mrs. W.H. Stevens and daughter Lillian, Mrs. W. H. Govett and son Harlan, Mrs. Dicker, Mrs. W. H. Boyd and daughters Dorothy and Marion, Chas. Spencer, W. Wodsey, Miss Pollock, Rev. John Leigh, Mrs. J. McGowan and daughter Doris, Eva Cunnington, Bertha Dunning, Helen Ellis, Grace Austin, Doris Ogle of Mission, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harper, Norman Scott and Evelyn Denny.

Charlie Spencer, Gertie Mobley Connie Collett on the stairs at the left. John and Dorothy Mobley at the top of the stairs. To the right of them is Mrs. G.G. Mobley and to the far right is Margaret Mobley, Kitty Denny, in front of her is Grace Denny and below her is Henry C. Denny

Denny 26

16 Aug.1922

The same group of people but someone must have cracked a funny as they all look like they are laughing.

Denny 27

16 Aug.1922

The wedding cake

Denny 28

16 Aug.1922

The Denny house and wedding reception on the corner of St. Paul St. and 6th. Ave.

Denny 29

16 Aug.1922

Connie Collett, Gertie Mobley, bride’s maids and Charlie Spencer, best man.

John Mobley at the top and I believe Bob Denny in front of him and Mrs. G.G. Mobley to the right.

Denny 30

16 Aug.1922

Can not identify this girl.

Denny 31

16 Aug.1922

Dorothy Mobley, can not identify the two girls.

Denny 32


John (Jack) McGowan, uncle of the Denny children and brother of Kitty Denny (McGowan)

I think this was after he may have been wounded during WWI and taken in Hospital in England.

Denny 33


Henry Christie Denny, age 61. photo taken in Vancouver, B.C.

Denny 34

about 1920

Picture of Kamloops taken by Cecil Denny, I think looking along St. Paul St.

Denny 35

about 1920

Picture of Kamloops taken by Cecil Denny, looking over Kamloops towards the North Thompson River.

Denny 36

about 1920

Picture of Kamloops taken by Cecil Denny, looking over Kamloops towards the North East towards the South Thompson River.




Denny 37

about 1920

Picture of Kamloops taken by Cecil Denny, looking over Kamloops due North from the Royal Inland Hospital grounds, 3rd. Ave.

Denny 38

about 1920

View from the Cenotaph, west   St . Paul St.

Denny 39



Denny 56


Asthore Dorothy Denny, age 16. Oldest daughter (my mother) of Henry Christie Denny and Annie Katherine (Kitty) McGowan.

Mobley 179

before 1936

Left, Annie Katherine Denny (McGowan), Mrs. Henry C. Denny, middle, Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie) Mrs. G.G. Mobley, right, Laura May Mobley (Veach) Mrs. Charles William Mobley

Mobley 180


Hugh Deareen Veach holding Ken Mobley and Margaret Anne Elizabeth Mobley at the farm.

Mobley 181


I believe this is Elizabeth (Lizzie) McNaughton. She was reported to have come to Canada from Scotland to care for Margaret Mobley on a 5 year contract. She would have been living with the G.G. family

Mobley 182

Winter 1923

Dorothy Mobley with Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, 4 months old.

Mobley 183


John and Dorothy Mobley with Kenneth (Ken) Mobley, 4 months old.

Mobley 184


Conrad Mobley and his pup “Skipper” at home on Nicola St.

Mobley 188

about 1920

John Mobley and Dorothy Denny on the dock at Riverside Park.

Mobley 189

about 1920

Dorothy Denny and Constance Collett, her best friend

Mobley 190

about 1920

Nelson Winegarten, don’t know the girl next to Dorothy Denny, and Constance Collett.

Mobley 191

23 Jul.1944

Winnifred Anne Elizabeth (Wyn)and Robert Hugh Veach, and grandmother Anne Laidlaw Mobley on the right at John and Dorothy Mobley’s home on Nicola St.

Mobley 192


Wyn Veach. Not sure where this was taken

Mobley 193

about  1948

Wyn Veach with her cat at her parents home in North Kamloops

Mobley 194


Hugh, holding Wyn, Margaret Veach, with Ken and Audrey Mobley

Mobley 195


John (Jack) Fernie Mobley, age 18

Mobley 196


Francis Moys Mobley, youngest son of Frank and Ida Mobley

Mobley 198


Anne Laidlaw Mobley (Fernie) (Mrs. G.G. Mobley) age 77. Taken In Kamloops

Mobley 199


A lovely picture of my cousin Wyn Veach. Not sure what year this was taken. Taken at J.J. Embury Studio, Kamloops, B. C.

Mobley 201


A nice studio picture of Hugh Deareen Veach and Margaret Elizabeth Veach (Mobley)

Mobley 203

16 Sep.1950

Wedding of Marcel John Kenneth (Ken) Mobley and Doris Osborne

Mobley 204

28 Feb.1948

Wedding of Marguerite Audrey Lenore Mobley to Harry John Foreman. Can not identify the brides maid, best man, Ken Mobley Audreys older brother

Mobley 205


Vic Mobley and family, left to right, Patrick James Mobley, youngest son, Victor Laidlaw Mobley, Lucy Jane Mobley (Linder), Ruby Ann Mobley (Erickson)