Photo No.




Mobley 01

about 1874

Seth Pratt Mobley and his wife Mrs. Margaret T. Grace. Eberhart not long after they took over the Platte Valley Independent newspaper in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Seth was George Gale Mobleys 2nd. oldest brother.

Mobley 02

about 1874

Margaret (Maggie) Mobley (Eberhart)

Mobley 03

about 1872

Margaret (Maggie) Mobley (Eberhart) She was born in Limerick, Ireland

Mobley 04


Copy of the front page of the Grand Island Daily describing a shootout between two locals.

Mobley 05

about 1865

Believe this to be Seth Pratt near the end of the Civil War

Mobley 06


Historical article re; Set Pratt & Maggie Mobley

Mobley 07


Historical article re; Set Pratt & Maggie Mobley. In this article and numerous newspaper clippings and they say Seth was the rank of Colonel and led troops in Nebraska and Kansas. Seths Civil War records I have in my possession show that he was never promoted above the rank of Private. He did get as far as being Orderly to the Provost Marshall at Ft. Kearny, Nebraska 1864/65

Mobley 07a


Poor quality picture of William Cody, Mr. Church and Dr. Dick ( Nellie Whitbeck Mobleys uncle)

Mobley 07b


Invitation for the Anniversary Ball at the U.P.R.R. Hotel , North Platte, Nebraska, Jul 4th. 1871. Note that John Chester Mobley and William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) are 2 of the Floor Managers. John Chester was the oldest brother of George Gale Mobley.