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Denny 51


James McGowan, my great grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1831 and died in England in 1887. He came to England when he was 18 years old. He married Louse Theresa Wasp about 1853 and they had 10 or 12  children. He was for many years the manager of the stables of the London Transportation Co., the horse drawn buses in London. In 1881 he was foreman of the London Omnibus Co. which later became the Double Decker buses of London. At this time I am not sure how many of their children came to Canada.

My mother said she remembers some of her aunts and uncles, Lizzie, Emma, Nellie, Jack and some of her cousins Cyril, Bessie, Muriel, Nora, Violet, Winnie, Poppy, Albert and Doris.

Denny 52


The Denny family, my grand parents and mother. Picture taken in the garden at #70 Florence Rd., Wimbledon, England. Boy on the right, Cecil Christie Denny, age 5, Annie Katherine Denny (McGowan), age 29 holding Robert Andrew Denny, age 2 months, Henry Christie Denny, age 30, girl on right, my mother Asthore Dorothy Denny, age 4.

The family sailed from Liverpool Eng. Oct.1910: After a 4 day trip by train across Canada they arrived in Kamloops, B.C. 16 Nov.1910: They lived in a tent their first winter in North Kamloops when the temperature was -40 F. They moved to Victoria in 1917-1918 and then back to Kamloops.

Denny 53


Louise Theresa Wasp, my great grand mother on my mother’s side. She was born 1833 in Sussex, England. Died in London 5th. Nov.1904 not long after this picture was taken. Married James McGowan.

Denny 54


Picture taken in garden likely in Wimbledon, England

Denny 55


Agnes Bull, wife of John Jack) McGowan, my mother’s uncle.