Atlin Mobley Photos

Atlin, Discovery and area ( gold rush in northern British Columbia )


From a collection of negatives, prints and postcards from Frank Harry Mobley and Ida Josephine Mobley (Colvin), this subset covers Atlin, Discovery and area.  Frank and Ida had one son, Harry Colvin Mobley (b. 1894 d.1966), when they went north

Brief History of Atlin

Gold first found on Pine Creek in 1898.   The town of Discovery, which is where Frank Harry and Ida Josephine Mobley lived and ran a general store, was near Pine Creek and was home to many miners.     Gold was sought and found on many creeks in the area, including Boulder Creek.    The town of Atlin was  5 miles away on Atlin Lake and was more of the administrative center of the area.   Steam powered boats brought supplies to Atlin.   The White Pass and Yukon Railroad, built to service the Yukon gold rush, also provided service to Atlin

Although more gold was recovered by hydraulic mining, which involves washing away the sand and gravel  with large amounts of water, leaving the heavier gold to catch in the bottom of sluices, some underground mining was also done.   Placer gold as typically down around bedrock, as it naturally sank to the bottom of stream beds, but was also found dispersed in the gravel.   Finding old stream beds where the bedrock was close to the surface was often a successful mining strategy.   Some hardrock mining of gold was also done with some success, but mining using dredges to scoop up the gravel and sort out the gold was not successful.

In the pictures, you will see Frank and Ida Mobley, and their first son, Harry ( born 1894 ) and one with their daughter Cecile ( born in 1910 ), some pictures of both types of mining ( more hydraulic ones ), pictures of Discovery including FH Mobleys General Store, some pictures of Atlin including one with steam boats and scenery / activities of the area, including dog sledding and moose hunting.   The pictures are in a more or less random order.

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