Credit where credit is due


This website and its content is due to the efforts of many people

Doug Mobley- Powell River, B.C.

Web page designer and Web Master

Photos, articles- Frank H. Mobley and family

Conrad Mobley- Armstrong, B.C.

Research and collaboration, website critiques/reviews

Photos, genealogy, articles, documents- All Mobley and allied families.

Donna Metcalfe- Rialto, California

Genealogy,research. collaboration, articles, clippings- Seth Pratt Mobley family, website critiques/reviews.

Mrs. Dorthoy Mobley (Denny)- Kamloops, B.C. (deceased)

Photos, genealogy, articles, documents- Descendents of George Gale Mobley and allied families.

Mrs. Mary Mobley (Dingwall)- Comox, B.C.

Photos, articles, documents- Frank H. Mobley and family.

Glidie & Charles Mobley- Sunnyside, Utah

Genealogy - John Brice Mobley, John Chester Mobley.

Carolyn Murphy- Simi Valley, California

Genealogy, photos, articles - John Chester Mobley.

Dee & Carl Mobley- Rifle, Colorado (deceased)

Genealogy, photos, articles - John Chester Mobley.

Elsie Pollock- Billings, Montana

Genealogy- John Brice Mobley families

Alice Baker- Alaska

Genealogy- John Chester Mobley family.

Marylyn Dyck (Sharp)- Alberta

Genealogy, articles, clippings, land deeds, Civil War documents- All Mobley families.

Bob & Marguerite Mobley - Ventura, California

Info on the children of John Brice and Eliazbeth Dana.

Marilyn Solari - Sonora, California

Info on the Colvins and identification of photos

Robert Phillip and Wreva Mobley

Genealogy- John Brice Mobley and Elizabeth Dana Families

Harvey and Beulah Mobley- Idaho (deceased)

Genealogy- John Brice Mobley and Elizabeth Dana Families

Last but not least:

The many photos, records, documents left to us by our great, great, grandparents’