The Mobley Journey Across the United States and Canada
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The Mobley Journey in Canada
Mobleys in Northern BC
The Kamloops Mobleys
The Sunnybrae Mobleys
The Mobleys in Lacombe Alberta
Vancouver Photos
Scotland & England Photos
Carlisle Saskatchewan

The Mobley Journey in the United States
The Mobleys in Nebraska
The Colorado Mobleys
Cheney & Colfax Washington
Civil War Mobleys
The Mobleys in Ohio
The Mobleys of Des Moines Iowa
Prince Georges Co., Maryland
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This website’s purpose is to document and make available the story of the Mobley journey in North America (across the United States and Canada). The journey, at this time, follows the descendants of Levi Mobley Sr. and Nancy Tucker who went from Maryland to Ohio starting the trek west across the northern United States and into Canada.
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